Touchy Subjects

Press & Interviews
There is no such thing as bad press. If you wish to review any or all of our numerous books, more power to you. You’re certainly welcome to request press releases and image files (JPEG) for advertising/press purposes at or under the contact details listed somewhere around here. The authors may also be available for interviews unless of course they aren’t. Call us to find out how they feel on any given day.

Readings & Signings
We haven’t been asked yet, so we have no idea what our writers will say about reading and signing their books in public. But, hey, go ahead and ask us, if you got a wild hair up your back. We’ll talk to them next time they come in. Be careful of what you wish for, they’ve got voices like band saws going through green timber. Plus they’re shy (or just coy?) around strangers. Anyway, who knows: They might be flattered and come out to play after all.

Vacancies & Internships
You’ve got to be kidding. Whatever would you live on? To say nothing of rent. In a word, there are no vacancies now, nor is it likely that there will ever be one. Get over it.

To apply for an internships makes even less sense, because there is no one in this outfit who even learned the trade. It’s learning by doing, here on the dark side of the market.

Manuscript Submissions
Very touchy subject. Here is the rub: We just say No. We wouldn’t doubt that yours is a very fine specimen indeed, but we’re just barely staying afloat in this deluge of manuscripts. So best not to send anything. Unless, that is, you’ve got the cash to pitch in with your own print run. And the underdog frame of mind that comes from having tried all the top dog publishers first. Have you? Well, even if so, you’d be better off on your own, with your own dog kennel style press. Do something rash. Just don’t do it here. We’ve got all the rashes we want. And all the manuscripts.

For details on territorial, serial, translation and dramatic rights for any Edition Café de Nuit title, please e-mail us at, or use the contact details listed somewhere on this darn website.