Trade Services

What sales? Baby, we’ll sell you all we have right here at our doorstep. Other than that, you’re on your own. Our sales reps are hard to reach. We haven’t heard from them in years. Luckily, there are other ways and means. Perhaps you could always try a book store. Or Amazon. Then again, you could always try our doorstep.

If you’re a bookseller and want to cut out the middle man we’ll also ship the darn things. Why not. Booksellers within Germany are entitled to the statutory 40% discount on the retail price, wholesalers to 50%. Prices outside Germany, Austria and Switzerland are negotiable, thank goodness.

Please be sure to have studied our Business Terms long and hard (not that they’re in any way unreasonable, it’s just that Uncle Franklin says you should always read the small print, even if it isn’t small).

Book Fair Representation
There are two outstanding German book fairs, one in Leipzig, one in Frankfurt. But you won’t find us there. Outstanding debts is all we know about. What would we do there? Have a little cardboard counter next to the men’s room? Anyway, if we wanted to go see the elephant, there are several good venues right here that come to mind.