Business Terms

To be serious:

Purchase Orders
Readers wishing to obtain single copies are strongly advised to order through Amazon. You’d make our lives so much easier.
Trade orders within Germany and from Austria and Switzerland through Librie(or Edition Café de Nuit, though we rather have you use the wholesalers). Consignment orders (3 months) only within Berlin/Germany, or at the discretion of Edition Café de Nuit. Orders from outside Germany should be placed through Edition Café de Nuit.
If in any way possible, select specify your order quantity in increments of 5, as copies are sealed in packs of 5 copies each. We have customers that keep ordering 6 copies with a vengeance, and pretty soon we’re going to sic the underdog on them.

Booksellers can order Edition Café de Nuit titles via e-mail, fax, telephone or post using the contact details below. When placing an order please remember to include the following details:

Your name or the name of your business
Author, title and ISBN
Full delivery address
Payment details and customer number (where appropriate)

Sorry, no online or credit card purchase. That’s what Amazon is for.

Delivery of books ordered directly from Edition Café de Nuit are subject to the publisher’s choice of carrier, unless the order is picked up at our warehouse (“Yeah, right, warehouse, and where would that be?”, quoth Uncle Franklin).
If you’re ordering within Germany, all postage and packing is FREE; foreign orders are subject to shipping and handling charges on a case-to-case basis (meaning shipping to Salzburg will cost less than shipping to Timbuktu).
Please allow seven workdays for delivery. If and when the books do come, please check books for damages immediately upon delivery. Notify carrier immediately of any transportation damages and pull his/her hair. All other complaints regarding damaged goods must be sent in writing within 7 days of receipt of goods (e-mail okay). Speak now or forever …

Invoice period is 30 days (consignment orders 90 days). That is 30 as in “one month”.
Discount on invoices subject to written consent by the publisher only.
Private orders may be subject to advance payment, depending on how we feel.

Returns Policy
Commercial customers: Return of sealed goods only, within 30 after date of invoice. Booksellers wishing to return stock must first apply in writing to Edition Café de Nuit. All applications for return must include invoice numbers, dates and customer numbers. Authorisation is granted at the discretion of Edition Café de Nuit. Edition Café de Nuit reserves the right to withhold credit on titles returned without permission.

Private customers: In addition to your 30-day returns guarantee, customers in the European Union are entitled to a statutory cooling-off period of seven business days. Exercise this statutory right any way you want to. Who are we to stand in the way of you and the European Union.

Review Copies
We’re happy to make review copies of Edition Café de Nuit titles available to genuine review editors and reviewers at no charge. However, copies will be sent to relevant and recognised publications entirely at the publisher's discretion. It’s only fair and square.

You see, no nonsense here.